Our tailored health program features

Your employees can get support from board-certified medical specialists from various fields anytime and anywhere

On-demand virtual clinic

VDO, voice call, and chat with more than 22+ subspecialties of healthcare providers including physical and mental health.

Increase employee's morale

Chiiwii provides telehealth program specific to your need such as : Fertility and Maternity - support to new parents via tele-health service, help reduce cost to company Tele-Psychiatry - support mind of employees, relieve work stress, solve personal psychiatry problems, and increase happiness to your employees

Customized wellness program

Tailored program that is best for you to help improve your health from chronic diseases in the best way possible.

Personal Health Records

To keep track of your health, and the health of your children. We also provide Up-to-date health multimedia content to equip you with right knowledge from trusted specialists.

Why choose Chiiwii for your company ?

Easy access

24/7 access to health consultation Improve quality of physical and mental health for employees

Reduce cost of traveling and waiting time

About 33% of total visits at hospital, can be solved via Telehealth Save healthcare expenses and save time thru eliminating unnecessary hospital visit

Transforming healthcare experience

We promote health promotion campaigns for employees and convert your treatment spending to preventing sickness. Your employees can choose their own ways of being healthy.

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Because we believe that healthcare should begin at the fundamental. We are committed to promoting health and well-being for your staff by creating accessible health consultation at the touch of their hands.

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