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  • Q Lump on the backside of my body

    14-02-2018 10:58:03

    Hi Doctors, I've never had a problem with lactose before. But since I moved to Thailand, I am suddenly allergic to all the milk based products. And this includes snacks and desserts. It's really impacting my life in a very negative and inconvenient way. Is there a procedure I can do in Thailand (Samitivej, Bumrungrad?) so I can reverse this allergy? Thanks, Fakri

    20-02-2018 12:52:01

    Dear Fakri,

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering with lactose. First the doctor will have to confirm if the diagnosis of food allergy is correct by taking history, examination and  probably lab investigations. Then after we know what type of food you are allergic to and what type of immune reaction is causing this, then we can plan the treatment strategy. I am currently at BNH hospital and unfortunately I have no experience working in hospitals you stated so I can’t give you much info in that regards. 


    Piraya Tamrongterakul, MD

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