At Chiiwii, we provide you accessible health consultation with specialists anytime you need no matter where you are. 

Together we recruited a team of specialists to help answering health questions on Chiiwii web-board for free. We hope to spread out reliable health information to the public as much as possible. We are so grateful to numbers of specialists who have been volunteered to answer all the questions on Chiiwii web-board until now.

After we have been doing Chiiwii web-board for a few months, we realized that the consultation would be so much more efficient with interactive sessions. That was the beginning of Chiiwii application, where patients and doctors are able to communicate on live sessions via their smartphones. We provide them with three types of secure in-app consultation, VDO call, voice call, and chat, at their own preferences. They can choose to have private consultation sessions with their preferred specialists at reasonable costs. 

We currently have over 22 sub-specialties for you to choose. Including but not limited to women’s health, mother and child care, mental health and family medicine. We aim to provide accessible health consultation on the most efficient way.

Chiiwii app is now available for both iOS and android.

Chiiwii team whole heartedly hopes that everyone efficiently gets access to trustworthy health information in order to optimize their quality of life. We promise to do our best to take care of you… to take care of others.